Invited Speaker

Dr. Jakub Dalibor Rybka

Dr. Jakub Dalibor Rybka

Associate professor
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland
Speech Title: The Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology – from 3D bioprinted meniscus to COVID-19 immunodiagnostics

Abstract: The topics of our research revolve around tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, meniscus regeneration, and most recently, COVID-19 diagnostics. We are also actively participating in efforts directed towards the automation and robotization of biotech laboratories. Our mission is to venture beyond the boundaries of basic science and bridge academic discoveries with real-life applications. We strive to establish meaningful partnerships with both scientific and industrial entities to drive innovation in biotechnology. 3D bioprinting allows mimicking spatial characteristics of biological structures with the use of bioinks, composed mainly of biocompatible hydrogels. 3D bioprinting enables precise cell deposition while providing optimal conditions for cellular growth and proliferation. This technology is suitable for the creation of various models, reflecting tissue environment more precisely in comparison to monolayer cell cultures. Additionally, 3D bioprinting as a part of novel tissue engineering approaches offers a possibility to restore the physiological functions of an organ without resorting to artificial implants. Our main focus is to utilize 3D bioprinting for meniscus regeneration. The main diagnostic tool utilized to detect ongoing infection with SARS-CoV-2 is based on the real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), which detects viral genetic material in patients. It is a precise and reliable method to determine the carriers of the infection. Immunodiagnostics of COVID-19 is a crucial supplement for RT-PCR diagnostics, as the gradual development of herd immunity may affect policies employed to countermeasure the effects of the ongoing pandemic. Additionally, it will be crucial for the evaluation of the vaccines, including long-term immunity, and their efficacy against novel strains of the virus. Our team is focused on developing an in-house, high-throughput system for COVID-19 diagnostics, utilizing a robotic station and optimized ELISA.

Keywords: applied biotechnology, bionanotechnology, 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering, covid-19 immunodiagnostics

Biography: Jakub Dalibor Rybka, associate professor at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (, ViceDirector of the Wielkopolska Center for Advanced Technology ( and the Head of Laboratory of Applied Biotechnology ( He graduated at Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien in Austria ( After several years of work for AMU, the habilitation (Thesis title “The use of nanomaterials (superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes) in biotechnology”) procedure was completed at the Faculty of Biology of AMU. Current scientific work is focused on tissue engineering, 3D bioprinting, bionanotechnology, and recently, immudiagnostics of COVID-19.