Poster Presentations

Online Poster Presentations will consist of two parts:
Poster Presentations: A collection of posters in PDF format (with/without audio) will be available at conference website for attendees to view starting on October 21, 2021.
Poster Q&As: Live poster Q&A sessions will be held via Microsoft Teams Meeting for attendees to meet virtually with presenters and ask questions or give feedbacks.

1. Poster Preparations
  • The posters can be prepared using any software (e.g., PowerPoint, Illustrator, etc.); however, they must be saved and uploaded in PDF format (Note: your Poster PDF should be one page only).
  • There is no size constraint for the poster, we recommend using page size of at least A3 or larger.
  • The Poster could be designed as you like with requirements as below:
    √ The conference logo and paper ID(BEB****) should be clearly shown in the header;
    √ Title, presenter, and affiliation information should be well indicated.
Please upload the well-designed poster via Submission System before October 20, 2021. It would be available on the conference website after pre-review and confirmation, if you do not want to post it publicly, please inform us via e-mail.

Optional: Presenters may also record an optional audio/video walkthrough of their poster presentation (no longer than 5 minutes), which will act as a guided presentation for attendees to view or listen to while viewing the poster.

2. Poster Q&A Session
To provide attendees the opportunity to ask questions about posters, the live poster Q&A session will be holding through Microsoft Teams Meeting (The specify time will be announced one month before the conference starts). Each presenter will introduce themselves and their poster topic and then take questions. Attendees are strongly encouraged to view poster materials ahead of time and to come to the session with questions already prepared. Poster presenters are particularly encouraged to view the poster materials of the other presenters in their Q&A Session.

3. Best Presentation Selection

Selection Criteria
  • Research Quality
  • Poster Design
Selection Procedure
  • 3 Best Presentations will be selected based on the judgements by the TPC committee, please ensure your Paper ID (BEB****) is shown correctly on the poster page.
  • Final Results will be demonstrated on the website on December 7, 2021.
  • The best presenter will be awarded with a certificate and free attendance to ICBEB 2022.
Important Notice
Due to the nature of an online conference, all posted poster presentations will be available publicly. It is important for presenters to understand that items available at the conference website are, public, citable, shareable, and available online for a long time.

Presenters who have preliminary/sensitive data that do not comfortable posting online, please take care of your data and change the information you choose to include in your presentation.

For attendees, in case some works are in progress, we expect you not to cite them or download them without permission of the presenter.