Oral Presentations

To engage the participants in meaningful session for the exploration on scientific advancements, the conference includes several parallel sessions. Each session contains about 10 presentations, speakers or participants need to adhere to the following instructions and guidelines.

1. Time Allocation
Presentation TypeTotal Allotted Time
Keynote Presentation40 min
Invited Presentation20 min
Regular Oral Presentation15 min
a. Each presentation includes 2-3 minutes for preparation and Q&A discussion.
b. All presenters are requested to reach the Online Session Room prior to the schedule time and complete their presentation on time.
c. Oral presenters can find their assigned presentation time by searching the paper ID on the conference program. All presentation time will be shown in GMT+8, Beijing Time.
d. Signed and stamped electronic presentation certificate would be issued via e-mail after the presentation delivered.

2. Presentation Preparation
Online Presentation will be conducted via Microsoft Teams Meeting
(Learn more about How to join the conference via MS Teams).

To join the conference sessions of ICBEB 2021, please click on the following link:
Join Microsoft Teams Meeting of ICBEB 2021.

The presentation PPT could be designed as you like with requirements as below:
√ The conference logo should be added to each PPT slide;
√ Title, presenter and affiliation information should be indicated in the first slide;
√ Each slide should be concise, uncluttered and readable from a distance; include only key words and phrases for visual reinforcement.

3. Pre-recorded Video Presentation
If you are not sure whether you can deliver a live presentation through Teams at the assigned time, and for backup, please pre-record a video of PPT presentation (with audio) at your convenience time and send it to us, we will play it at your speech time.
  • The video uploaded should be in the format of .mp4. Please check the below manners for reference:
    How to record a video with PowerPoint
    How to record a video with ZOOM
  • Please show your face in the video with high resolution as vivid as face-to-face presentation .
  • The Video submission deadline is on October 20, 2021, please upload the video via submission system.
  • The video would be posted on the conference website for interaction after pre-review and confirmation, if you do not want to post it publicly, please inform us via e-mail.
4. Best Presentation Selection
  • Each session will select one Best Oral Presentation based on the judgements by the session chair and TPC committee, please ensure your Paper ID (BEB****) is shown correctly on the first or last page at your presentation data.
  • The best presenter of each session will be awarded with a certificate and free attendance to ICBEB2022.
Selection Criteria
A best presentation will be selected based on the following items:
  • Research Quality
  • Presentation Performance
  • Presentation Language
  • PowerPoint Design
5. Important Notices
Due to the nature of an online conference, all uploaded videos will be posted publicly. It is important for presenters to understand that items uploaded to the conference website are, public, citable, shareable, and available online for a long time. Please create your presentation slides and check them for sensitive or confidential information.